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Bristol Oak Mirrors started when I made a mirror frame for myself. It’s this one:

Mirror number 1.

The mirror glass was left over from a piece of furniture we were throwing away, and I bought the oak on a trip to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project, along with some cherry and a piece of the Sanctum building to make into shelves.

The oak was rough sawn, and I tidied it up using a hand plane and a belt sander, before finishing with beeswax.

This first mirror turned out quite nice, and still hangs above our mantelpiece. The corners were joined with metal brackets on the back, not with glue. The metal brackets have some flex in them which has unfortunately allowed the joints to move about, and the filler has cracked.

I ordered some pieces of mirror glass online, bought more oak from the Bristol Wood Recycling Project, improved my joint design (they are now glued, and additionally have a screw running through the joint – no metal brackets involved) and made a batch of 5 mirrors:

The first batch of mirrors to sell.

I was hoping to make 5 mirrors in a day, but the first batch of 5 ended up taking me a week. Hopefully I’ll sell these, make some more, and get better!

Please get in touch if you have any questions, want to learn more, etc.

I want to hear from you if you’re at all interested in mirrors or woodworking, it’s impossible for you to waste my time.